Rochester Square. abandoned more than a decade, this former plant nursery situated in the centre of a residential square in camden town, london is being revived by a local couple.
Francesca Anfossi and Eric Wragge have created a place for artistic collaboration and cultivating creative projects. ceramic studio and kilns, have been installed and provide facilities for practicing artists as well as beginners.

rochester square has attracted the enthusiastic support of london’s artistic community and its genesis has been informed by leading practitioners including Sam Belinfante, Laure Prouvost, Simon Bayliss and Ben Rivers.

for the spring summer 2018 collection, CO|TE starts a collaboration with rochester square, creating exclusive pieces, in order to provide opportunities for young people producing a fashion sweatshirt in connection with re-creation day

re-creation day opens the space to the wider community, inviting their involvement in shaping the future of this space, exploring its potential through conversations about a central idea: the use of raw material in situ as a tool to respond to the ideas of recreation and play.

the 3rd perfect partner for this event is Roundhouse.

each year the roundhouse gives thousands of 11–25-year-olds the chance to develop their skills and confidence through creativity – in music, media or the performing arts. 

sale proceeds will be donated to support the roundhouse’s young creatives program.